Cranberry Vinegar

Cranberry Vinegar
Cranberry Vinegar
Product Description

Manufacture and Product of Taiwan

Brown Rice Fruit Vinegar is produced using the advanced method for brewing .  Specially selected coarse brown rice with  no additives, fermented at constant temperature, for pure natural brewing using Oak Barrel in order to obtain the prime quality of vinegar

Products Advantages

Oak is the king of the hundred trees, contains tannins and fragrant trees, and fragrant tree is the best natural
Fendo essence makes the vinegar unique and easy to absorb. Vinegar blended in oak barrels
The polyphenols released from the oak allow water and acid to escape through the pores of the oak.
Preserve the essence of fruit and black rice.

Description : Cranberry Vinegar Aged 3 years
Ingredients :  Brown Rice, Fresh Cranberry, Isomalt Oligosaccharides
Pack Size / Bottle : 500 ml
Pack Size / Carton : 15 bottles per carton
Gross Weight : 19.8kg
Package Size : 30.5 cm x 34.5 cm x 19.7 cm
Minimum Order Quantity : 100 cartons
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